Custom, Creative Keepsakes

Moments fade, but your memories don’t have to…

Love your grandpa’s old pants but can’t wear them? 

Let’s quilt them!

Storing all those old band t-shirts in your closet? 

Let’s wrap you up in them while you dance all night.

Got all those beloved baby clothes you want to be closer to? 

Now you can get cozy in them. 



The Suay Memory Quilt is 50 x 70 inches. You send us your garments/textiles (minimum of 5 garments required, suggested up to 12) and we cut them up into pattern pieces to mix into the color palette of your choosing, options shown below (Note: we do not guarantee exact colors used, palettes are a reference for the color tones used as we will be working with deadstock, donated, and recycled materials). You will choose your quilt design from three pattern options (also shown below). The cost for the handmade construction of each one-of-a-kind memory quilt is $480.

If you are local to the Los Angeles are, please come by the shop at 2915 Knox Ave, #105 to drop off your items. If you are out of town and need to mail in your items, please fill out this form before sending in so that we can send you an invoice and shipping label. 

Suay sends you back your epic recycled relic!

Shoot us an email at with any questions. We’ve got you.

Terms & Conditions



We’ve been taught to devalue clothing and textiles as disposable, temporary objects instead of treating them with the dignity and respect they deserve because of the skilled labor that went into creating them. 

Suay Sew Shop is working outside of a system that is working against us by giving access to the community to put the power of reuse in our own hands. Reuse extends the life of our textiles, keeps unnecessary waste out of landfills, and allows us to continue to wear, use, and cherish what we love. Memory quilts are an excellent way to honor old garments and textiles that you can’t or don’t need to wear. 

We are working to bring the cleanup economy to the community, and our work starts with protecting garment workers and giving reuse access to the people. Thank you for joining and supporting us on our textile journey.