Suay Repairs/Alterations & Community Dye Bath

Suay loves your clothes and cherishes the opportunity to help you extend their life. We want nothing more than to care for them, fix them, and see you thrilled with the results. To ensure the best experience for you and your clothes, we need to agree to some rules to ensure that there are no misunderstandings about Suay's (referred to as "we," "us," "our", “Suay,” or "Suay Sew Shop") or your obligations. By using our services, you acknowledge and accept the following Terms and Conditions.

By using our service, you are submitting your clothing or other items for a repair and/or alteration service and acknowledge that changes may be made to the physical construction and appearance of your garment. We cannot be responsible for any damage to clothing that is not suitable for this standard repair/alterations process. Similarly, we reserve the right to refuse to service items that we feel will be hazardous to our staff, such as items heavily soiled with human or animal waste. All items submitted for repair/alterations must be laundered, clean, and free of insects and pet hair.  This is for the health and safety of our beloved team. 

In repairing/altering your garment our skilled designers and sewers will construct the strongest, most durable, and aesthetically pleasing modification to your garment to ensure a lasting repair/alteration that works with the material of the fabric and compliments the construction and usage of the garment. While we will consult with you about the aesthetic design of your repair/alteration, please understand that there are physical limitations to the type of repair we can construct. We are not responsible for a repair that is deemed aesthetically unsatisfactory, and will conduct a thorough review prior to repair to ensure you understand all options for your repair. 


We will do everything we can to avoid damaging your garments. Unfortunately there are limitations to what we can do. For example, we cannot check all pockets to ensure nothing has been left in them (please check your pockets!). Therefore, we can't be held responsible if something left in your clothing (like lipstick, chewing gum, or a pen) causes any damage. 

Specific to the dyeing process, we cannot guarantee against color loss, bleeding or shrinkage of garments. The dyeing process submits garments to high temperature conditions; do not submit any items sensitive to hot water. In addition, we do not take responsibility for any deteriorated or flawed garments, which could result in small holes or tears during the dyeing process. We do not individually examine every garment prior to dyeing. Therefore, if something is "dry-clean only," or otherwise unsuitable for common washing and drying techniques, please do not include it in the dye bath garments you give to us.

*Items that cannot go in the dye bath: leather, fur, spandex (lycra), nylon, sheer (gauzy) fabrics, and upholstery fabrics. Please note that cotton/poly blends will result in a less saturated, washed out, or marbled look.


While we check all garments for loose items prior to repairing or dyeing items, we do not take responsibility for any loose items lost when clothing is submitted, such as watches, jewelry, cufflinks, etc.

If we lose an item during the repair/alterations process, please submit proof of value of the item (to the best of your ability) so that we may fully reimburse you for the loss at a maximum reimbursement amount of $160 per item. 

Suay Sew Shop is not responsible for items left in our possession for more than 30 days after pickup notice.  


Repairing your garments extends their life, keeps them out of landfills, and reduces the need to buy new clothing. At Suay, we are passionate about community access to repair and will apply our expertise, knowledge, and craftsmanship to deliver the strongest, most durable repair/alteration to give your clothing an even longer second life. 

While we take full responsibility for the integrity of the repair/alteration completed by Suay and guarantee it’s effectiveness, we cannot be responsible for damages that are caused by personal wear and/or wear and tear that is caused from use or overuse. If the repair/alteration we perform fails, or needs to be mended, please let us know and we will fix the problem at no charge (for up to 6 months from the date of initial repair). 

Our limited warranty does not cover damage caused by a personal accident, improper care (i.e., excessive dry cleaning or mishandling by your dry cleaner), negligence, or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over extended time and use. Dry-cleaning your garments regularly is not recommended. Most dry cleaners use harsh chemicals and agents that harm the environment, and destroy or break down the fabric, thereby diminishing performance and durability.