Community Mask Coalition: Help Support Suay's Response to COVID-19 Mask Shortage


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Suay is creating a culture of recovery and reuse.

As our global community demands change from corporations, our dedication to design coupled with a drive for activism is putting reclaimed product at the center of a social, economic and environmental revolution. Cultivating upcycling as the priority will not only massively impact our planet, but our daily quality of life.

COVID-19 Update: Right now, there is a widespread supply shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  Our front line healthcare workers and those showing up every day in essential roles at pharmacies, grocery stores and delivery services are having to ration, or work without, the masks they require in order to keep them and others safe. 

Suay is working with community support to provide these workers with the protection they need by producing and distributing masks that are fit tested to ensure maximum effectiveness.  For requests to donate materials or for mask requests please contact us at  To help us continue to make and donate masks, donate here.