SUAY is committed to creating a culture of community and reuse.

SUAY is investing in skilled laborers and creating a truly transparent textile recycling, reuse, and repair model that serves everyone.

As our global community demands change from corporations, our dedication to design, coupled with a drive for activism, is putting reclaimed product at the center of a social, economic and environmental revolution. Cultivating upcycling as the priority (over new) will not only massively impact our planet, but our daily quality of life.

Current Offerings from the Sew Shop

Community Dye Bath™

This month’s colors

  •  Saffron
  •  Chewy Noodle
  •  Crushed Tomato
  •  Iced Borage
  •  Oil and Vinegar Tie Dye
  •  Anchovy (Natural or Synthetic)
  •  Blistered Shishito