We are gonna CHOOSE TO REUSE.  Upcycle your clothing with us, shift your buying habits with us, engage in a clean up economy keeping circularity in our activist driven communities. Send us your unusables, un-repairables, watch them be turned into product durable and desirable enough for an entire second life. Inspire awareness in others to make our impact lighter on this precious planet. During these unprecedented times the most hopeful thing we have is each other. Let's start REMAKING our future with what we already got.
We accept textile donations in the following categories:
+ Denim
+ Cotton
+ Wool
+ Leather
+ Silk
+ Polyester
HOLES?, STAINS?, we love em’.
Suay does not currently accept undergarments, rugs, shoes, and fabric scraps smaller than 18" x 18"...(although we are working on somethin’). We love towels, sheets, denim, silk, and jersey.