SUAY Custom Interiors


Got a space that needs a little uplift? How about a creative solution with the planet in mind? Look no further than SUAY Custom. If you have an idea, chances are we can make it.


Because we design and construct everything in-house at our Sew Shop location in Frogtown, Los Angeles, CA, our skilled team is able to be there every step of the way to ensure your custom interior creation is perfect for your space, right down to the millimeter, color, and material.

What can we build for you?

SUAY can reupholster/fabricate almost any furniture piece you currently have or are dreaming up. We're also able to create customized home decor to match your needs and specifications (and with the planet in mind). Rest easy knowing that you're giving post-consumer textiles a longer life and supporting skilled labor by choosing SUAY's remade custom.

SUAY Custom Specialties

  • cushions
  • couches
  • curtains
  • pillows
  • shower curtains
  • ottomans
  • benches
  • patio sets

Remade Textile Options

  • corduroy
  • denim
  • workwear
  • leather
  • linen
  • organic cotton
  • canvas
  • outdoor grade nylon

Custom Color

  • have a specific color in mind? let us know, we can most likely custom match your color needs
  • have a desire for tie dye? perfect, it's kind of our thing

Insert Options

  • L.A. made poly insert
  • Firm foam inserts (custom width, custom cut)


Email us directly at with your inquiry. Include your custom idea, any specifications, your choice of materials, and any other pertinent info and we will get you squared away.

Don't see what you need listed above? No worries, we're always looking for a challenge. Just let us know your ideas and we can start from there.