SUAY Community Dye Bath

No need to DIY-dye, we’ve got you covered in new hues each month as part of our community dye bath. Better known as over-dyeing, our communal dip offers new hues and techniques monthly, allowing you to cover your stained clothes, refresh faded hues, or give your garments a total color makeover. By participating in Suay's Community Dye Bath™, you are extending the life of your garments, and we thank you.

Each month Suay Sew Shop will offer 5-7 colors to over-dye your clothes. Colors will change and rotate each month (have a request, just let us know!). Keep in mind that base colors influence the end result. Think simple color theory (red shirt + blue dye = green shirt). 

Price is per item. See the item price list here

Because of the drop-off/mail-in schedule allotted for our community, you can expect to receive your dyed textiles in approximately four-six weeks from the last day of the month dropped off (i.e. November dye bath would be ready by late-December).

Drop off or mail in for receipt after the 1st of the month, and *by the last day of the month* for that month’s colors.


  1. Persimmon
  2. Avocado
  3. Tabacco
  4. Coriander
  5. Blackberry Tie-Dye 
  6. Kalamata (natural + synthetic fibers) 


Need to mail in your items? Please fill out this form (and make sure your items get to us by the last day of the month). Once you submit your form, we will create an invoice and shipping label for you to send in your items (Please do not send in any items without first completing this form and hearing back from our team!)

Specify the color you want each garment (mail ins will send a detailed list via online form).

Once your items have been dyed and are ready for pick-up, we will send you an email to let you know that you can come pick them up (if local), or that they are on their way back to you via mail.

*Items that cannot go in the dye bath: leather, fur, spandex (lycra), nylon, sheer (gauzy) fabrics, lace, wool, undergarments, and most upholstery fabrics. 

    Shoot us an email at with any questions. We’ve got you.

    Terms & Conditions  


    We’ve been taught to discard stains, rips, holes, and “off-trend” items instead of repairing, reinforcing, redesigning, and repurposing them. That’s just wrong. 

    Suay Sew Shop is working outside of a system that is working against us by giving access to the community to put the power of repair in our own hands. Repair extends the life of our garments, keeps unnecessary waste out of landfills, and allows us to continue to wear and cherish what we love. Overdyeing is an excellent way to “repair” the sight of stains, replenish a faded color, and reinvigorate a tired look. 

    We are working to bring the cleanup economy to the community, and our work starts with protecting garment workers and giving reuse access to the people. Thank you for joining and supporting us on our textile journey.