Surgical Wrap Mask (The one you heard about)


Where surgical meets street.

Constructed from medical grade non-woven polypropylene surgical wrap, with a nose piece, elastic ties (color may vary) and adjustable rubber stopper on ear loops for secure fit.

Why we dig this mask: This is a new material for Suay and it’s checking our boxes - higher functioning with breathability. Essential workers (like us) in our community have been field testing them with amazing feedback.

Although we can make no guarantees of durability, we designed these masks to last. In a surgical setting, the polypropylene material is intended to be discarded after a single use. However, our tests reveal no visible signs of wear after repeated washings.

Hand wash, air dry.


  • Ear loops - Small:  6.25” Height x 6.25” Width - a great fit for young people and adults with petite faces!
  • Ear loops - Large: 6.25" Height x 6.75" Width  -  a great fit for most adults!
  • Ear loops - Extra Large:  6.25” Height x 7.25” Width - a great fit for beards or wider jaw
  • Ties - Universal:  6.75” Height x 7.25” Width - favored for all day wear! 

Please note: 

- All masks are final sale

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