IT’S STILL HAPPENING. Kids are in school with limited protection and COVID-19 cases continue to skyrocket across the US! The children of 68 tribal nations were forced to return to school IN PERSON while in the midst of this global pandemic. SUPPORT DIRECT ACTION. The world depends on the youth to bring the radical change we so desperately need and to carry our traditions into the future.

FEAR THE KIDS, because they are the shift, they have the power. 

FACE THE FUTURE, because without these young folks, we got nothin’.

Get with protecting our most valuable, and most undeservedly vulnerable. 

When you buy this mask, you donate one to the Indigenous youth and the leftover dollars go Seeding Sovereignty’s ongoing mutual aid work! These badass beauties are a collaboration between BornxRaised, Seeding Sovereignty, and Suay. 

FACE THE FUTURE/FEAR THE KIDS.  Keep our future ancestors and greatest hopes safe. 

All masks made in the way they should be, by SUAY.

For more information on Seeding Sovereignty's Community Care Fund or to donate directly to this cause, please click here.